Northern Virginia's Top Rated Tree Removal Service

Tyson’s Tree Service are experts in tree removal with over 40 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. If you are faced with crowding, tree death, or the potential for damage to nearby structures, we provide damage free tree removal from your property. We specialize in emergency tree removal and own heavy duty cranes that allow us to carefully lower each section of the tree rather than allowing it to fall. Angie’s List customers have given us top ratings 5 years in a row and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We are provide 24 hour emergency storm damage response and can carefully remove trees or debris. We are fully licensed and insured. Just call us today for a free tree removal quote.


Don’t leave the management of your property in the hands of the government. Because county governments may regulate the removal and placement of trees, you need an experienced, independent arborist from Tyson’s Tree Service, Inc., to work with your county arborist to certify which trees on your property need removal, replacement, or treatment. Tyson’s Tree arborists provide expert tree service for both residential and commercial clients whose properties are subject to county regulation.